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Cuba, Brasil and Germany...

An Intercutltural Latin American Art Project

  „Slavery undoubtedly is the worst of all
  evils that mankind is afflicted with”
Alexander von Humboldt -
  political Essay of the Island Cuba 1826

When Alexander von Humboldt after a stormy passage
first set his foot on Cuba in the year 1800, he sailed on commercial routes, on which for the coming 80 years humans should still be shipped as bulk.

The political refusal of the slave trade as well as the practical assistance for the unprivileged had more importance to the German humanist, than his extraordinary geographical and scientific achievements on this journey. His insights into the political and sociological structure of the island left a deep impression in Cuba until today.

One important ship route led from Cuba to Brazil. Humboldt as foreigner was not allowed to visit the Portuguese colony. Although both countries are separated by the Spanish and Portuguese languages, there are deep connections between Cuba and Brazil. Historically these date back to the earliest beginnings of colonization and traffic in human beings. Well into the second half of the 19th century Cuba, Brazil beside North America were the main customers for slaves from Africa. Many cultural roots of Cuban and Brazilian culture, in music, art and last but not least religion grew on this commercial route.

Today the exchange of this two countries is mostly limited on a political level. With the project CUBABRASIL we want to rediscover and animate this cultural interaction in the range of contemporary art.

The participating German artists, who interact in this Latin American environment, want to transfer the historical perspective of Humboldt into the 21. Century.

Collision - Fusion

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Alexander von Humboldt

Humboldt's view into the Bay of Havana