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An Intercutltural Latin American Art Project

Although both countries are separated by the Spanish and Portuguese languages, there are deep connections between Cuba and Brazil. Historically these date back to the earliest beginnings of colonization and traffic in human beings.

Well into the second half of the 19th century Cuba, Brazil beside North America were the main customers buying slaves from Africa. Many cultural roots of Cuban and Brazilian culture, in music, art and last but not least religion grew on this commercial route.

Today the exchange of this two countries is mostly limited on a political level. With the project CUBABRASIL we want to rediscover and animate this cultural interaction in the range of contemporary art. The European perspective is represented by German artists, who interact within this Latin American environment.                                  read more

A Socio-Cultural Project

The urban interventions of CUBABRASIL always communicate with the ordinary people on the streets. By doing workshops with children, disabled, students and artists and by our collaborations with community projects, we intensify this aspect.

We bring colours into grey and dirty places. We paint the housing of the poor who can not even afford the plain paint.

Promoting International Aerosol Art and Muralism

The Aerosol Art Movement of today is a global phenomenon. It is now almost 40 years ago since the spraycan was first discovered to be a powerful tool of expression. During all this time, uncounted talented and skilled artists evolved a unique and mysterious urban calligraphy.

CUBABRASIL was the first event introducing this culture to Cuba. This project mixes classical techniques and styles with new forms of expression: Latex, oil paint and brushes meet spraycans. Contemporary Cuban and Brazilian Art meets Graffiti Art and Stylewriting. This topic is supplemented by “live painting” - video projections in the city.

The collision of different techniques and styles becomes a colourful fusion on Cuban walls.

In the Gallery all actions of CUBABRASIL are documented with pictures and information.

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Initiated and Curated by:
Don R. Karl, Atelier OKG, Berlin, Germany

Organisation and Research in Cuba:
Jésus Magan and Victor Reiner Martinez, Habana

press contact: Ramin Raissi

with the support of the International Fund for the Promotion of Culture (UNESCO)


- IFA, Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations

- ICBRA (Instituto Cultural Brasileiro na
Brazilian Cultural Institute in   Berlin, Germany
- Molotow Premium Colors - thanks for support


- Cubabrasil 2006 is proudly coloured by:
  Montana Colors



- German Embassy, Havana
- Muraleando,Community Project, Municipal
  de cultura del Municipio 10 de Octubre,
  Manuel M. Diaz Baldrich, Havanna
- Grupo Eco, Pinar del Rio
- Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes,
  Pinar del Rio

- UNEAC (Unión de Escritores y Artistas de
Pinar del Rio
- Project "Psicoballet", Hospital
  Psiquiatrico de la Habana
- Proyect "Niños Autistas", Centro de
  Estudios Martianos, Habana
- Pedeatric Hospital, Downtown Havana
- Convento de Belem, Oficina del
  Historiador, Habana Vieja
- Centro de José Marti, Vedado

Special thanx for support and networking to:

- Tereza de Arruda, curator, Berlin
- Professor Tereza Ventura, State University of   Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
- Centre for Cuban Studies, Sandra Levinson,
  New York City, USA
- California International Arts Foundation, Lyn
  Kienholz,Los Angeles, USA
- Susan Farell, Portland, USA
- Adolfo V. Nodal, Art historian, Los Angeles
- Marina Mike, for sending me to Cuba!!!