Aerosol-, Video- and Street art collective

CUBABRASIL first took off in Cuba in 2003. Until 2009, more then 25 artists from Brazil, Germany and Cuba joined forces in this extraordinary project.

Project history:
2009 - Publication of the Cubabrasil book.
2007 - Exhibition in Berlin.
     - Murals & Stylewriting in La Habana.
2006 - "Cubabrasil 2 - Allemania", exhibition &
       special project, 9th Bieniale of Havana.
     - "Cubabrasil - Collision Fusion"
       documentary movie is shown on different
       movie festivals.
2005 - Style Writing in São Paulo, Brazil.
2004 - "CubaBrasil 'n Berlin Beam Boys",
       TactileBosch Gallery, Cardiff, Wales.
2003 - "Cubabrasil – Collision Fusion" festival,
       Havana & Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

Uncounted street paintings, several large scale murals, many workshops, Art and Video installations in the Streets of Havana and Pinar del Rio, resulted out of this intercultural more

All pictures & infos can be found in the gallery:
Cuba, 2006


Published by From Here To Fame, the ON THE RUN BOOK - CUBABRASIL tells the whole story and gets the project to a fulminant con- clusion.Look forward to tons of unpublished pictures, essays and stories!

CUBABRASIL-Alemania 2007

22nd June - 19th August 2007
CUBABRASIL - Berlin / Exhibition
Partner of Backjumps - The Live Issue #3       


18th February - 12th March 2007
Murals & Stylewriting in La Habana
Three weeks, 395 cans, three Writers and more walls in the
city centre then we could
possibly paint.

Many pictures and a lengthy
report is to be found online here!

supported by
the international
Fund for the
Promotion of
Culture (UNESCO)