Documentary Movies
2007 Style Writing in Havana
2006 List of all actions in Cuba
'06 Exhibition in Havana
'06 Video Guerilleros
'06 Yemayá Mural
'06 Workshops
'06 Murals in Havana
2005 São Paulo
2004 CubaBrasil in Cardiff '04
2003 List of all actions in Cuba
'03 Mural in Regla
'03 Video Art in China Town
'03 Murals in Muraleando
'03 Mural in Pinar
`03 - 8th Biennial - Pabellón Cuba
Documentary Movies

Cuba 2003 - DVD
During our project in Cuba 2003 the documentary movie Collision & Fusion was filmed. It already has been presented on movie festivals in Toronto, Montreal,
Berlin and Hamburg. It is available on DVD.

DVD - 63 min - shot & cut: Don M. Zaza - 29,90 €

From the entire material of the last three years at present one complete movie is due to editing. Its completion is planned within this year.


São Paulo 2005 - DVD
Out of our two-week stay in São Paulo in 2005 this 15 minutes documentary originated. The film is not sold
on DVD, parts of it however will be used in the new
and complete documentation.