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'06 Exhibition in Havana

This years topic at the 9th Biennial of Havana was called „Dinámicas de la Cultura Urbana”. Our collective has installed a big exhibition in two halls of the fort "La Cabana" - the main exhibition site.

With more then 120 participating international artists, this Biennial remains to be one of the most important art events worldwide. Even if the organization and support by the hosts left much to desire.

La Fortaleza de La Cabana, exhibition site


"La Galeria Flotante" is a joint installation of all artists. The very special symbolism which the representation of ships and rafts has on this island is often used in Cuban Art. In the year 2003 this topic was censored several times in our work. Therefore this time we installed our easy to assemble boats only briefly before the opening.

Anette Rivas Fontes, Cuba
Norberto Marrero, Cuba

Fidel's cap collection, Os Gemeos, Brasil
"Macina del Tiempo"

This boat travels in time not on sea, the "Macina del Tiempo" installation of the OS Gemeos. It is build out of garbage from the streets of Havana. It cycle ends in its celebrated destruction. But the time machine continues to exist - in another time at another place.

Performance, Neon & Stone

Tryptichon, Victor Mora, Cuba

A further version of the emigration topic. The paper boat in the center is folded out of the newspaper "Grandma", the official state print media of the government. Grandma is the name of the boat on which Fidel Castro and his rebels landed in Cuba.

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