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Documentary Movies
2007 Style Writing in Havana
2006 List of all actions in Cuba
'06 Exhibition in Havana
'06 Video Guerilleros
'06 Yemayá Mural
'06 Workshops
'06 Murals in Havana
2005 São Paulo
2004 CubaBrasil in Cardiff '04
2003 List of all actions in Cuba
'03 Mural in Regla
'03 Video Art in China Town
'03 Murals in Muraleando
'03 Mural in Pinar
`03 - 8th Biennial - Pabellón Cuba
2003 - All actions in Cuba at a glance

Cuba 2003

            Street Art, Mural and Video Art Festival
            11.01.03 - 12.15.03

All actions in at a glance:

- Murals in colloborations with the Project Muraleando in Lawton, Havana
- Big Mural with 7 Artists from Cuba, Brasil and Germany in Pinar del
Mural in Pinar del Rio

- Murals at the University Pinar del Rio
- Painting the Casa de Cultura Santa Fe, Havana
- Murals in Alamar, Havana
- Murals at a school, Callejon de Hamil, Havana
- Big Mural with 7 Artists from Cuba, Brasil and Germany in Regla,
- Painting the Hospital Pediatrico de Centro Habana
- Murals in Chinatown, at the Prado and in Habana Vieja, Havana

- Workshops with students
- Workshop with Down Syndrom Children of the project Psicoballet, Havana
- Pintanto en el Prado, painting workshop with artists at the Prado, Havana
- Workshop with Cuban Aerosol Writers

- 8th Biennial Havana Proyecto California Multimediaprojections and
  Paintingperformance, Centro Havana
- 8th Biennial Havana Pavillion Cuba - Multimediaprojections on the
  Ministerio de Salud, Vedado, Havana
- Painting Performance on canvas with Salvador Gonzales (the canvas was
  donated to a hospital),Callejon de Hamil, Havana
- Multimediaprojections during the Carnival at the Malecon, Havana Centro
- Multimediaprojections on the Casa de la Musica, Havana Centro
- Multimediaprojections during the inauguration of the mural in Regla, Havana
- Multimediaprojections at the entrance to China Town, Havana