Os Gemeos - Brasil
Vitché - Brasil
Grupo Eco - Cuba
Isaac Guerra - Cuba
Juan G. Milo - Cuba
Victor Mora - Cuba
Won - Alemania
Raúl Camilo - Cuba
Salvador Gonzales-Cuba
Neon - Alemania/ Italia
Nina - Brasil
Stone - Alemania
berlinbeamboys - Alemania

Ray Beams aka Christoph Petersen
Ike Candy aka Torge Peters

Los BerlinBeamBoys are a Info-Taskforce and use their VisionarySystemTM to infect the urban area with a visual antivirus to reclaim space and time for happy cities and a better world.

The losBBBVisionarySystemTM mainly consists of 2-3 members, some handy equipment and a lot of cables. The picture is created live on the computer and is beamed directly on something. The VSTM is painting with light in space and time. RockCityBeam.

carnival at malecon

losBBB like Havana.

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