Os Gemeos - Brasil
Vitché - Brasil
Grupo Eco - Cuba
Isaac Guerra - Cuba
Juan G. Milo - Cuba
Victor Mora - Cuba
Won - Alemania
Raúl Camilo - Cuba
Salvador Gonzales-Cuba
Neon - Alemania/ Italia
Nina - Brasil
Stone - Alemania
berlinbeamboys - Alemania
Grupo Eco

Juan G. Milo, Abel Morejan Gala, Isaac Linares Guerra

The Group Eco is an initiative of pinareños (from Pinar del Rio) plastic artists interested in the problems of ecology and enviroment that for 10 years has been organizing and made mural projects in Cuba and Europe. Simultaneously each member develops his personal work, in which in one way or the other the nature, the human and his surroundings are always present.

Pinar del Rio

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