Os Gemeos - Brasil
Vitché - Brasil
Grupo Eco - Cuba
Isaac Guerra - Cuba
Juan G. Milo - Cuba
Victor Mora - Cuba
Won - Alemania
Raúl Camilo - Cuba
Salvador Gonzales-Cuba
Neon - Alemania/ Italia
Nina - Brasil
Stone - Alemania
berlinbeamboys - Alemania
Os Gemeos

Twin brothers born in 1974 in São Paulo, Brasil. They have developed their own,
very original style which is greatly influenced from Brazilian culture and its
daily reality . They are passing their art with a happy and magic and political message.

Chromopolis Project, Greece, 2002

In the end of the 90's there work caught the attention of the international Aerosol Art Movement. They became widely known while
touring Europe and the United States several
times, with their murals and exhibitions.

They were invited to exhibitions and festivals in Brazil, Australia,Argentine, Chile, Spain, France, Germany
and Portugal.

Mural Global Project, São Paulo, 2001

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